What is planned maintenance?

Planned maintenance is regular preventative maintenance on your property. It’s similar to having a health check up with a doctor. Planned maintenance is always recommended and in some cases it is required by law. Many contractors and tradespeople offer planned maintenance, at ACE+ we offer a complete solution that covers every aspect of your building. The four reasons below are the most common issues our clients have had that have made them wish they had planned maintenance in place.

1. It keeps your residents safe

The safety of your residents is always the top priority at your aged care home. Planned maintenance helps ensure that none of the facilities on your property will endanger your residents. A very common danger that you may be unaware of is Legionella. As we have said in our Legionella blog post, it is very hazardous to the health of aged care home residents and the warm water facilities actually assist in its development. Planned maintenance with ACE+ has helped other aged care homes reduce the risks from Legionella and other hazards to their residents.

2. It prevents costly repair bills

One of the big advantages of planned maintenance is that it helps catch problems and issues before they become costly repairs. If guttering gets blocked, for example, and isn’t fixed in a timely manner serious structural damage can result from water seepage. Our planned maintenance teams know what to look out for to help reduce the risk of these things happening. As an added benefit, if our team notice an issue in a different part of your facility while they are conducting other planned maintenance they can organise an immediate repair.

3. It gives you peace of mind

Organising the maintenance and upkeep of your facilities can be a full-time job. With planned maintenance you can delegate this responsibility. The planned maintenance team at ACE+ coordinate all of the ongoing maintenance and report to you with their findings. If repairs are needed, we will consult with you before work commences. By choosing planned maintenance you can free up time that would have otherwise been spent organising it. Because we only send qualified professionals you never need to worry if the work will be up to current safety standards.

With planned maintenance in place, aged care homes don’t need to worry about the danger their facilities may pose to residents or expensive repair bills. Regular inspections are carried out by trained professionals who recognise and repair issues before they can get worse.

4. Keeps your facility in compliance with the Aged Care Accreditation Standards

Planned maintenance can demonstrate to the Aged Care Quality Agency that you have the systems in place to ensure compliance with all relevant legislation and regulatory requirements relating to building management. During an accreditation audit of Standard 4 the existence of a comprehensive planned maintenance programme will go a long way to demonstrate your commitment to provide a safe and comfortable living environment for your residents.

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