Western Australia’s water reserves are struggling to replenish at the rate they are currently being extracted. In this post, we explore 5 ways the average business and community member can help save water.

You may know the State of Western Australia relies heavily on underground aquifers to provide water to its metropolitan and regional communities.

Whilst water is extracted from aquifers in a controlled manner, they also replenish naturally when heavy rains seep back into the soil. Unfortunately due to drier seasons and heavy water usage this replenishment hasn’t always balanced out.

In particular, this past winter season saw less than average rainfall throughout many parts of the state, leaving significant gaps in water renewal. Water Corporation Chief Executive Sue Murphy recently highlighted this issue, noting the past four years as being some of the driest ever, confirming the trend is likely to continue with global warming on the rise.

Plumbing is a huge part of our business, so naturally here at ACE+ we have a strong appreciation for this precious commodity.

We recognise that while efforts are being made to replenish the aquifers at a State level, corporations, small business and private citizens can all help contribute just that little bit more by moderating our water usage (particularly during these hot summer months).

Here are 5 simple ways to help conserve water

1. Consider planting native species & monitor gardening watering times

We all want to enjoy a workspace that’s attractive and provides a space of natural beauty. By choosing to landscape with native Australian species, you’ll not only be attracting native birds, you’ll be saving valuable water.

Be sure to only water your lawn the recommended amount of time, and remember there are watering rosters in place for the entire State.

Take your water saving measures to the next level by investing in an automated, reticulated watering system for impeccable accuracy, particularly during the summer months.

2. Fix those leaky toilets and urinals

Did you know that fixing just one leaking toilet has the potential to save approximately 9,000 litres of water a year? A leaking urinal can also waste a staggering 73,000 litres of water per year. If you’d like to take measures even further, investing in bathroom equipment that is water efficient can reduce water use by up to 50%.

3. Use a cover on your outdoor pool

By simply covering the surface of the water with a protective barrier, you’ll help prevent 55,000 litres of water from evaporating each year.

4. Encourage colleagues and clients to be water wise

Simple reminders and discussions throughout your workspace (or even offering tips to your clients) can have a positive impact and help remind us all to be conscious of our water use. If you have a kitchen or a communal space where a sink may be in operation, a small polite sign can also be very effective.

5. Choose water efficient appliances

You can save both money and water by selecting water wise options for your kitchen and laundry appliances. The most efficient dishwashers hold approximately five litres of water and can store water from the previous cycle to be used in the next load. Look at investing in faucets or appliances that have automatic off and on functions.

ACE+ has been helping businesses protect against leakage and conserve water for over 50 years. Get in touch if you’d like more information on how your business can save water and replenish our State Aquifers this summer (or even year round).