Winter can be a challenging time for a property owner. You have to contend with rain, wind and the cold. We’ve prepared some tips for you to help ensure that your property is ready to face the winter.

1. Check your windows and doors

The windows and doors of your property can account for a lot of heat loss in winter. Doors and windows are fitted with rubber seals that fill in the gaps. These seals perish over time and if they are not regularly checked they can become ineffective at keeping moisture and cold out. Moisture can seep in through perished seals and this can develop mold. By checking your seals, you can cut down on draughts and moisture. A storm proof seal can be used on your front door to prevent water from leaking under during heavy rains.

2. Get your gutters cleaned

In summer, it’s easy to forget about your guttering. If gutters are not regularly cleaned debris will accumulate. During the winter rains, this debris can lead to blockages in your guttering. Water will accumulate and seep into your property. This can lead to expensive repair bills and nobody likes their roof filling with cold rain water! By getting a professional gutter clean you can also have blockages checked and cleared before they can lead to costly repairs.

3. Have your Hot Water System serviced

Getting your Hot Water System serviced is an important part of winter preparation. An ACE+ plumber will be able to get your HWS in peak working condition. They will check for corrosion, measure water pressure and let you know if the temperature is set correctly for the system. Having your HWS serviced before winter lessens the chance of a breakdown and having to deal with cold water in the cold. Avoid an expensive repair bill and book your service today!

4. Get your plumbing checked

If your plumbing is going to break down, it’s probably most likely to happen in winter. Heavy rain can affect drainage which can lead to blockages in your property’s plumbing. ACE+ plumbers can perform a thorough health check on your property’s plumbing. We use technology like snake cameras to get the complete picture of your plumbing and to highlight and repair problems before they can get worse. A backed up drain can be a pain so get your plumbing checked before it can get worse.

5. Service your gas appliances

It’s recommended that gas appliances be serviced every twelve months. If you haven’t pulled your gas heater out since last winter, it might be a good idea to book it in for a service. In many cases, gas appliances have malfunctioned because small problems have been allowed to get worse through neglect. Get them checked to avoid paying for costly repairs.

Another important part of winter preparation is knowing who to call if something breaks down. ACE+ are available 24/7 to help with your gas, electric and water needs. Call us on (08) 9272 1488 today to see how we can help.