Established in 2008, MATES in Construction (MIC) is a charity spanning Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales.  Dedicated to suicide prevention in the construction industry, MIC’s programme has already trained over 100,000 people, and ACE+ has recently joined their number.

The reality is that a construction worker is six times more likely to die from suicide than from an on-site accident and the youth suicide rate is 2.38x above the national average.  As an industry, we need to work together to tackle the stigma surrounding suicide and educate our staff on how to address the issue when it arises and the best ways to show support for colleagues. The value provided by MIC is entrusting the members of the construction industry with these skills.

Recently, MIC came out to ACE+ to run their GAT Training Programme on Suicide Awareness. Our staff are now inducted into MIC with plans to further this with the MIC ‘Connector’ course for supervisors and senior tradesmen. The MATES in Construction program is based on the simple idea that “suicide is everyone’s business”. For ACE+, it’s crucial that our employees are comfortable to seek assistance in their time of need and in turn provide support to workmates.