Your roof is a critical and often overlooked component of your business premises – until something goes wrong. A damaged roof can cause safety hazards, environmental exposure and damage to property and people.

Why Drone photography?

  • Quick diagnosis – less time spent on harnesses, ladders, scaffolding & EWPs.
  • Safe procedure –  for both your roof AND our technicians!
  • Our drone can view hard to reach locations which saves you money, especially when it comes to EWPs!

How does it work?

Drone photography allows us to see the full picture by getting up close and personal with every section of your roof. No matter the height or slope, we can quickly diagnose and determine the overall health of the trickiest to reach part of your building.

What Next?

If issues are found, ACE+ can repair your roof quickly & effectively, ensuring the continued safety and security of your business. We can also schedule a routine inspection and planned maintenance schedule to monitor & prevent potential issues.

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