Winter is fast approaching, are your properties ready for winter storms? Why not try getting ahead of the coming cold weather and all the havoc it can wreak on your properties? We have been servicing Perth homes and properties for over 50 years and we’ve put together some recommendations below.

5 Tips on Getting Your Commercial Property Ready for Winter

Perth residents have felt the start of winter. Once the temperature drops and the rain starts, that’s when tenants tend to pick up the phone and ask about repairs. To help you winter-proof your property, and avoid those expensive repairs, we have put together a list of important areas to check.

  1. Check the seals on your doors and windows
  2. Ensure gutters aren’t built up
  3. Get your hot water system serviced
  4. Don’t forget to get your plumbing checked
  5. Service your gas appliances
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Roof Inspection and Maintenance Report

Your roof is a critical component of your business premises, protecting your tenants, their staff, and the public from environmental hazards and property damage. Our experienced technicians will check for visual defects, wear and tear, moisture and material integrity, and recommend the appropriate maintenance actions, noting urgency and required budget.

Minor repairs will be carried out straight away. For example:

  • Removing debris including leaves, footballs, plastic cups, paper plates, plastic bags
  • Resealing dislodged vent pipes
  • Installing a cap to a vent pipe
  • Reinstatement of silicone seals
  • Cleaning and clearing blocked drainage pumps
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Drainage Report

Modern buildings require complex plumbing systems to ensure that all floors receive high-quality service. If you run one of these buildings, you are probably familiar with the work that goes into designing, inspecting and maintaining these systems. ACE+ provides a drainage inspection service to help keep your building’s plumbing in perfect working order.

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Legionella – underlying threat to the health of your residents

Legionella is a type of bacteria that breeds in your hot water system, water features and cooling towers. Inhalation of the bacteria can lead to fatal, acute respiratory infections. Many people are unaware of the risk they face. Detection and treatment are both relatively inexpensive and can save you and your residents a lot of heartache.

Some potential sources of Legionella

  • Warm water regulators in hot water systems are installed to prevent scalding but also stop the water from reaching a temperature that would kill Legionella.
  • Fire sprinklers, decorative fountains and above ground water storage tanks.

Is you facility safe from Legionella?

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Planned Maintenance

An appropriate maintenance plan will help you catch wear & tear before it becomes a problem, saving you money on replacements and repairs.

Normal property maintenance is often a reactive measure, where a breakage has already occurred, and caused damage, before you get a chance to call a plumber or electrician. The cost of repair adds up when you factor in water damage to walls and floorboards, any loss of structural integrity, and the replacement of short-circuited appliances. And that’s not counting missed income or loss of business due to obstructive repair work.

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Take proactive measures to ensure the safety, security and durability of your premises with a roof inspection by our qualified tradesmen.

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