When we received a call last month to provide services to a recently converted shipping container in Leederville, we were intrigued as to how the builder managed to create a fully functioning restaurant and small bar from a 30 foot shipping container; this shipping container of course forming the venue for Channel 7’s newest reality show, Restaurant Revolution.

Our call was from the Victoria based owner of the transportable kitchen component of the restaurant who required urgent action on some issues in the kitchen so the show could keep rolling. There were several issues and that required more than one trade expert to attend. ACE+ covers all building maintenance so were the obvious choice.

We attended out of hours and at all times kept a low profile so as not to disturb filming and got the kitchen back to running normally.

While the show’s ratings aren’t living up to expectations, ACE+ were pleased to be a part of such an innovative creation. A shipping container is an entirely different structure than a brick and mortar building. However where our team of qualified tradespeople are concerned, it’s just another job that needs to be completed expertly and efficiently.

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Picture source: Nic Ellis/The West Australian