electrical work

Electricity is not a toy and any work undertaken with the wiring in your house needs to be to the highest standards of quality and safety. ACE+ can ensure that your electrical renovation is done right, on time and on budget.

What is electrical renovation?

The electrical components of your house, such as wiring, lighting and power points, wear down like any other part of the property. Over time, wiring can fray, light fixtures can loosen or trap connections and power points can stop working.

Electrical renovation with ACE+ involves replacing and repairing the damaged areas of your house’s electrical systems. New wiring can be put in, light fixtures can be repaired and new power points can be planned.

Why would I need electrical renovation?

For the safety of your family and your home, it is important that all electrical areas are in good working order. Frayed wiring may, initially, just be an irritation that causes the occasional circuit trip. Over time, it can become a fire hazard and pose a serious risk of electrocution.

Similarly, if you are looking to improve the value of your home, a good renovation can show potential buyers that you are serious about selling them a property in the best condition it can be.

Proactive maintenance also means that you will ultimately pay less. It is always cheaper to catch a problem early and get it fixed than dealing with all the associated damage that can be caused by neglect.

Finally, electrical renovation can help lower your power bill. ACE+ technicians are trained at locating and repairing faults that, if left unrepaired, could lead to a power bill that costs far more than simply getting the repairs done.

How can I arrange electrical renovation for my home?

As with all projects, ACE+ will only ever send licenced and qualified professionals on every job. When you contact us to discuss electrical renovation, we send a technician to inspect your home and provide you with a report. The report will detail what they have found and their recommendations.

If requested, our technicians can also make recommendations on power-saving options that you might want to implement around your home. This can include different lighting options, such as LEDs, smart wiring or even lighting automation. Our goal is to provide you with a superior service so that your home benefits from our expertise.

When you are satisfied with the report, we can arrange for a team to perform repairs. ACE+ accredited electricians provide your renovation with the highest level of service, ensuring the safety of your electrical system for years to come. All electrical work will meet and exceed current Australian Standards and safety codes as well as complying with legislation and best practices.

When you need electrical renovation done fast, without sacrificing quality or your budget, contact ACE+ on (08) 9272 1488.