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What are RCDs?

RCD stands for Residual Current Device. It is a life-saving device, designed to prevent fatal electrical shocks. RCDs are also known as ‘safety switches’ because they turn off power in a fraction of a second if a leakage of current is detected.

How do RCDs work?

An RCD is installed on a circuit within your home and works to monitor the current that passes through. If the RCD detects electricity flowing down an unintended path such as someone touching a live wire, or a leakage of current due to a surge, it cuts the power immediately. This greatly reduces the instances of fatal injury.

What kind of RCDs can you get?

You can get different RCDs to match the electricity safety needs of different areas of your house.

Fixed RCDs

A fixed RCD is installed in your fuse-box and monitors groups of circuits. It is a legal requirement in WA for homes built after 2000 to have two fixed RCDs, one for power points and the other for lighting circuits. If you are planning to sell your house and it was constructed before 2000, you will need to install a minimum of two fixed RCDs.

Socket RCDs

Socket RCDs are specially designed power points that contain an RCD. An appliance plugged into this socket will benefit from the protection of the RCD. This ca be very useful if you have high cost computer equipment that could be damaged by a power surge but it only provides protection to the equipment plugged in on that specific socket.

Portable RCDs

As the name suggests, these are portable RCD units that can be plugged into a socket and then used to protect an appliance and user.

Why should I use RCDs?

In some cases, having RCDs installed is a legal requirement. It is also important to note that RCDs work to prevent fatal injury. By installing RCDs on your property, you can keep your family safe.

ACE+ have a skilled team of electricians who can advise you on the best RCDs for your property and their placement. We only ever send licensed and qualified tradespeople who know the relevant safety standards and laws to ensure you and your family are safe.

ACE+ also offer regular maintenance on RCDs to ensure they are performing to the high standard we expect of our work.

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