electrical work

The wiring in your home isn’t something you often think about, except when it stops working. The electricians at ACE+ are rewiring experts. When you need your home rewired, for repair or improvement, contact us.

What is wiring?

When we talk about wiring, we are referring to the internal wiring that provides power for your house. This wiring is usually unseen, as exposed wiring can be very dangerous, and the only time you really need to worry about it is when it stops working.

Wiring is typically installed when the house is constructed. Everything, from your lights to your appliances, will use the wiring that runs throughout the house. For this reason, and others, it is highly recommended that you seek professional assistance if you experience issues with the wiring in your home.

How can the wiring be affected?

Wiring installed in your home is designed to be long lasting. However, the effects of electricity gradually degrade the wire. It takes years before damage is noticeable, usually in the form of an unstable power supply. This does not mean that it is safe to ignore.

When wiring degrades, the danger it poses to your home can be quite serious. The wiring can spark and start fires, causing serious property damage and personal injury. Appliances and lights can also be damaged by degraded wiring.

In cases like that, it is usually advisable to have the degraded wiring replaced. Rewiring involves putting new wires in to safely replace and remove the degraded wires.

ACE+ employs qualified electricians who can diagnose your wiring problems and recommend appropriate repairs. We only send licensed tradespeople, so any work carried out will be done to the relevant safety standards.

Our team employ technology to check your wiring, so even if the problems are not immediately apparent we can still find them. Once we have located the issue with your wiring, we can make a plan to conduct rewiring. Ideally, this is just replacing the damaged sections. However, depending on the damage, we may need to do more.

Planned Maintenance

The best way to avoid expensive repair bills, is planned maintenance. Planned maintenance involves proactive health checks of your home’s wiring. Issues that may turn into expensive repairs can be identified and quickly fixed. In doing so, you get peace of mind with your wiring and can avoid paying for expensive rewiring.

Rewiring is just one aspect of the planned maintenance service that we offer. Instead of waiting for problems to develop before you call the experts, we make regular scheduled visits to ensure that your home is kept in good working condition.

Don’t let bad wiring bring you down. Call ACE+ today on (08) 9272 1488 for an obligation free rewiring quote.