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Smoke alarms don’t prevent fires but they give you advance warning to get family to safety. The qualified electricians at ACE+ can help you with your smoke alarms today.

What are smoke alarms?

When we talk about smoke alarms, we are referring to the mains powered smoke alarms required to be installed by the Building Code of Australia (BCA). These alarms are designed to alert you when smoke is detected so that you can either put the fire out or evacuate the building. In some cases, such as large dwellings or businesses, the smoke alarms are linked to fire alarms that alert emergency authorities.

How do smoke alarms work?

There are two main types of smoke alarm and both function very differently.

The ionization detector uses trace amounts of radiation. When the tiniest amount of smoke breaks the beam of radiation, it causes the alarm to go off. These are very sensitive detectors and, because the radiation can’t get through the plastic casing, are considered very safe.

The photoelectric detector uses a light-emitting diode that creates a beam of light. When smoke interferes with the light, it causes the alarm to go off. These are not considered as sensitive as ionization detectors.

Do I need smoke alarms on my property?

Yes. Not only are smoke alarms required under the BCA, they keep your family safe in the event of a fire.

A smoke alarm, installed by a licensed electrician and tested regularly can alert you the moment an unexpected fire breaks out on your property. This allows you to evacuate your family while taking measures to minimise the damage of the fire. No smoke alarm can lead to wholly preventable damage and, worse, death.

ACE+ have the expertise to advise you on the correct placement of smoke alarms on your property. Our licensed and qualified electricians will install and test the smoke alarms, giving you peace of mind.

Testing smoke alarms

To ensure that your smoke alarms are operating correctly, it is important to test them regularly. This can be performed by you and we recommend testing them every 6 months. ACE+ can also service your smoke alarms, to replace worn parts and to install new systems should your property need them.

We recommend servicing your smoke alarms once a year. This ensures that they do not let you down at the time you most need them. We can perform smoke alarm maintenance as part of a larger planned maintenance schedule. Giving you peace of mind that everything is being taken care of.

When it comes to fire, the lower the risk the better. Installing smoke alarms will help you keep your family safe from wholly preventable harm. Contact ACE+ today on (08) 9272 1488 for an obligation free smoke alarm quote.