Backflow is a reversal of the normal direction of water flow in a water supply plumbing system. Backflow can contaminate a property’s supply of potable, safe, drinking water. The Water Corporation in Western Australia may fine property owners who do not install backflow prevention devices. To ensure your property isn’t affected, contact the experts at ACE+ today.

How does backflow occur?

Backflow occurs when you water delivery main is at a lower pressure than the internal plumbing system. This leads to a phenomenon known as back siphonage. Back siphonage can occur because of a burst or ruptured water main or water in is excessive high demand, such as during fire-fighting operations.

If your property’s drinking water supply is connected with a source of pollution, either through cross connections or simply a hose submerged in a contain of liquid, then your water supply could become polluted when there is overpressure on the property side.

How can I prevent backflow?

Installing a backflow prevention device is the best way to prevent backflow. These devices will prevent back siphonage from contaminating your drinking water. Backflow prevention devices are mandatory under Australian law and the Water Corporation may fine you if your property is not compliant.

Who can install a backflow prevention device?

Backflow prevention devices can only be installed by licensed and qualified plumbers. The Water Corporation also requires that all devices be serviced every 12 months by a licensed contractor. The pluming experts at ACE+ can help you ensure that your property is compliant and that your backflow prevention devices are regularly maintained.

Currently, the Water Corporation can impose a non-compliant property with a $500 a day fine. This can be avoided by ensuring that your property is compliant.

How do I know if I have backflow prevention devices installed?

To ensure the safety of anyone living on your property, we recommend having a licensed plumber check to see if you have backflow prevention devices installed. Back siphonage can pose a very real threat to your health if your drinking water is contaminated.

Our plumbing team is always happy to perform backflow prevention checks, both to ensure that your property is compliant and that the devices are functioning as intended. At ACE+, we will only ever send fully licensed and qualified plumbers. You can rest assured that, if you book a backflow prevention check with us, you will receive a quality service that will keep your family safe from contaminated water and you safe from Water Corporation fines.

You deserve access to safe drinking water. Help keep your family safe by ensuring your property has backflow prevention devices installed. Contact ACE+ today on (08) 9272 1488 and organise your property’s health check.