A blocked pipe is a problem for your home. ACE+ employs qualified plumbers who can fix your blocked pipes.

What is a blocked pipe?

Your property contains a network of piping that gives you water access and drainage. These pipes are installed by plumbers and are designed to be resistant to normal wear and tear. Outside factors, such as household waste, can cause temporary blockages in household plumbing. These blockages can usually be cleared naturally as water pressure builds to ‘push’ the blockage. In some cases, however, the blockage gets worse and becomes a very serious repair issue.

How do pipes get blocked?

Household waste such as food scraps is a common cause of pipe blockages in kitchen plumbing. Sanitary pads and baby wipes can also cause bathroom pipe blockages if they are flushed down a toilet. Tree roots can sometimes grow into pipes and cause serious blockages if they are not discovered and curtailed.

How can I prevent my pipes getting blocked?

A great way to avoid blockages is to ensure that you do not flush or drain solid items into your household plumbing. When cleaning pans, be sure to scrape the oil into a bin instead of letting it drain into your kitchen sink. Fat and other oil can solidify in pipes and cause serious blockages.

There are household items available from most supermarkets that purport to prevent blockages. ACE+ recommend using these in moderation. The best way to truly prevent blocked pipes is to get a plumber to conduct regular maintenance on your property.

How can I tell if my pipes are blocked?

The first sign may be a reduction in drainage or flushing. For example, if a shower is connected to pipes that are blocked, you may notice that water drains much slower. If the water ‘pools’ and doesn’t immediately drain as you run the shower, then you most likely have a blockage forming in your pipes.

You may also notice a bad smell from your drains. This is indicative of a blockage forming as waste is sitting in the pipes rather than draining away. If you suspect a blockage is forming in your pipes, time is of the essence. Clearing a partial blockage is a lot easier than repairing damage caused to pipes from a blockage.

What should I do if my pipes are blocked?

The first step is to avoid using the plumbing that the pipes are attached to. If your suspect your bathroom plumbing is blocked, don’t use that bathroom until it has been checked and repaired. Using the plumbing while the pipes are blocked can make the problem much worse and can lead to expensive repair bills.

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