Renovations can make your bathroom feel brand new. Whether you want new fittings or a complete makeover, ACE+ has the knowledge and expertise to make your renovations go smoothly.

Why renovate?

A renovation is a great way to refurbish and improve your bathroom. Have you always wanted a bigger shower? A different style of sink? Are you tired of cracked and peeling tiles? Renovating is the solution you need.

Toilets, taps and other bathroom fixtures are designed to last a long time but the effects of wear and tear will eventually begin to show. When you notice those signs, you may wish to consider renovating and refreshing the bathrooms and plumbing in your house.

Another excellent reason to renovate is so that you can take advantage of water efficient fixtures which have seen huge improvements over the last few years. The long term saving in water reduction can help offset the cost of a renovation.

How do I renovate?

Maybe you want a fresh new bathroom but you just aren’t sure what it involves and are worried you won’t like the end result. That’s where the professionals at ACE+ can help.

We have a lot of experience with renovations and can give you the benefit of our expertise in planning and building what you want. Our fully trained and licensed professionals will give your plumbing a health check, to ensure there are no urgent repairs, before looking at options for renovations. If you want a larger hot water unit, for the growing family, or need more options for bathroom fixtures then our team can help.

ACE+ will always source the highest quality materials for your renovation so, no matter which fixtures and components you pick, your renovation will have a long life.

Once we have a rough idea of what you want and need from your renovation, we will put together a project plan that will give you an idea of how long everything will take. Having renovations done can take time but we will still do our best to ensure that you are not inconvenienced.

When you have given us your approval, our team will get to work. Because you’ve chosen ACE+ for your renovation you can rely on us to only send qualified tradespeople who perform all work to the required Australian safety standards.

ACE+ guarantees all renovations because we believe in the hard work of our team.

If you’re thinking about renovating, or have a plan in place, give the experts at ACE+ a call on (08) 9272 1488 today and get the service that won’t disappoint.