If you are looking for smart ways to save water and money, consider switching to waterwise plumbing.

What is waterwise plumbing?

Waterwise plumbing involves switching to water-efficient fixtures that provide the same level of service for half or even a quarter of the amount of water normally used. These fixtures are designed to perform the same tasks as your existing bathroom fixtures, they’re just more efficient with the water they use.

Waterwise plumbing can also be used to irrigate your garden with greywater, the water left after using a washing machine. These kinds of improvements are good for the environment, because they use less water, and good for your water bill too.

Why would I want to use waterwise plumbing?

There are many benefits to using waterwise plumbing. The most obvious, of course, is that you will save money. One to consider is that, with our drying climate, the conservation of water becomes an important responsibility that we all share.

Waterwise plumbing is a smart way to conserve water without losing any of the function from your fixtures. Additional waterwise plumbing, such as greywater irrigation, are smart ways that you can recycle water you’ve already used for one purpose to suit another.

How can I get started with waterwise plumbing?

ACE+ is accredited by the Master Plumber’s Waterwise Plumber’s Program. Our team can advise you on the best practices for waterwise plumbing and the most water efficient fixtures for your requirements.

Our waterwise team are fully licensed and can provide you with all the advice you need to get started. We only source the highest quality fixtures that are up to the industry standards for waterwise plumbing and will get you the best deal for every budget and fitout.

The ACE+ team will work with you through the whole process. From designing your waterwise plumbing plan, to picking the fixtures, to installation, to making sure everything works and, most importantly, that you are happy with the results.

ACE+ will also conduct annual health checks on your new waterwise system. Our team are trained in preventative maintenance, aimed at extending the lifespan of your plumbing by locating and fixing small issues before they can become expensive repairs.

By choosing us for your waterwise plumbing needs, you’re getting licensed experts who can help you get the best value for your budget. ACE+ understands the importance of waterwise plumbing and we want to help you get the benefits by switching today.

When you’re ready to save money by switching to waterwise plumbing, contact ACE+ for an obligation free quote in the Perth Metro area on (08) 9272 1488.