roof maintenance

When something goes wrong with your property, do you know who to call?

  • Who is a reliable electrician in your area?
  • What if you also need a reliable plumber?
  • Who do you call if you need plastering repair?

Choosing ACE+ means the answers are all the same. If you have a problem, we’re the solution. You’ll have a single point of contact with us who knows your home and who to send when you need repairs. The all building trades service at ACE+ means you’ll never have to worry.

You contact ACE+

Our team of qualified professionals will visit your home and conduct an assessment. They are trained to identify maintenance issues, even if it isn’t within their specific trade. ACE+ will only ever send licenced tradespeople, so you can trust them to do their job properly.

Our team provide a report

This report shows you how we can help. Because we cover all building trades, there are no problems our team can’t fix. If one of our tradespeople can’t repair the issue, because it’s outside of their skill set, it is a simple matter to bring in another one of our skilled team who can.

Planned maintenance and all building trades

With planned maintenance from ACE+, you can really see the benefits of our all building trades service. Your home gets regular health checks from our team, who can then arrange with our various trades to fix minor maintenance issues before they can become major repairs.

At the same time, our team can build a profile of your home. This will allow us to make recommendations to you based on what we have observed. You might not need to replace your hot water unit this year, but in 5 years it might become necessary. With planned maintenance and all building trades, our expert plumbers will give you their honest recommendations and you can then factor it into long term budgeting. No more shock household maintenance costs.

Finally, ACE+ only ever sends qualified professionals, no matter what the job is. We take our promise seriously because we want you to have peace of mind that all work carried out on your home is done to the highest quality and safety standards. We don’t cut corners so that you don’t need to worry about your home when we are involved.

How does all building trades with ACE+ benefit me?

Our all building trades service means that you never worry about the maintenance of your home. You call ACE+ and we send the necessary expert. Because you have chosen ACE+, you know that you don’t have to worry about the technician, we wouldn’t send anyone other than the best.

Take the headache out of your home maintenance today by calling ACE+ on (08) 9272 1488.