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If you need extra space, or some cabinets repaired, contact ACE+ today on (08) 9272 1488.

What are cabinet works?

Cabinet works with ACE+ refers to all work that can be done with cabinetry. Whether it’s building new cabinets, repairing or refreshing old cabinets, or installing new cabinets into your home, ACE+ can help.

Our team will work with you to develop your requirements, based on your needs and budget, before putting a recommendation together for your approval. Once you’re happy, we can proceed. Our skilled and professional team only ever use the highest quality materials, giving you the best end product.

Cabinet works – building

Extra storage space is always useful in your home. Whether it’s more room for plates and cups in the kitchen, or somewhere to store and display knick-knacks in the living room, a new cabinet is the solution.

When it comes to building new cabinets, ACE+ is the quality choice. We employ licensed and skilled professionals, no matter the size of the job. This gives you peace of mind that the cabinets we produce will serve their purpose and be built to last.

Our team will work with you to identify your needs and budget, before coming up with ideas for your review. When you’re happy with them, work will begin. At ACE+, we have the connections to source high-quality materials which we use to make your cabinets. We know what works and will help you find the perfect fit, no matter where or what you want the cabinets for.

Cabinet works – repair and refresh

Cabinets work hard in our homes and, over time, it shows. Hinges wear out as the cabinet doors are constantly opened and closed. Handles loosen and can even fall off. Sometimes the room itself changes, and the cabinets start to look out of place. No matter what has happened, ACE+ can help.

When it comes to cabinet repairs, our team work hard to match the same shade and original material, so the repaired cabinet does not look out of place. Where this is not possible, we source only the highest quality replacement material to ensure that the repaired cabinet gives you years more use.

Refreshing your cabinets means altering them to better suit your changing storage or decoration needs. After all, if the colour scheme of your house has changed, shouldn’t the cabinets change too? ACE+ can help by matching colours or altering the interior of your cabinets to provide more or different storage. We only use the highest quality materials when refreshing your cabinets, so while they look different they’ll still be as reliable as always.

Whether you need cabinets built, repaired or refreshed, ACE+ will give you the best service. Contact us now on (08) 9272 1488 and get the cabinets your home deserves.