Do you know what’s going on right above your head?


Your roof is a critical, and often overlooked component of your business premises – until something goes wrong. Left too long, a damaged roof can cause safety hazards, environmental exposure and collateral damage to property and people, ultimately leading to theft, loss of business, large roof repair or replacement bills or even regulatory intervention.

The ACE+ Roof Health Audit sees our experienced technicians assess and inspect the roof of your facility or home and identify any areas of concern in order to make recommendations on the best course of action for your building, schedule and wallet!


ACE+ was established over 50 years ago and we know that keeping up with technology can only make the service you receive better. This is why we invest in the latest technologies and procedures to ensure we maintain a level of innovation to keep in line with our clients’ needs and growth.

The human eye is a marvellous machine but sometimes it needs help. We use building maintenance technology to assist our technicians to do the best job possible. Along with the standard EWPs, scaffolding and ropes/harnesses, examples of technology employed by ACE+ include:

  • Thermographic imaging camera to detect plumbing and electrical irregularities
  • Aerial Survey drone to make an accurate, quick and SAFE inspection of all angles of your roof
  • Gutter camera/vacuum with a 10-meter pole to get up close and personal with your gutters


  • Safety – fire prevention in Summer, wet weather precautions in Winter and everything in between
  • Insurance savings – Insurance companies calculate premiums by considering a range of factors, one of which can be the state of your roof
  • Regulatory intervention avoidance – ensure you don’t get hit with fines or injunctions for problems you didn’t know existed until your building gets inspected by the authorities
  • Building longevity – safeguard your assets! Roof plumbing is often only considered after something has gone wrong, and extensive water damage has already been done