roof plumbing

If you have suspect that your roof is leaking, or if you have confirmation, call the roof plumbing experts at ACE+ on 08 9272 1488.

How do roof leaks start?

Roofs are made of sturdy, weatherproof material. This means they can hold out the elements and keep your home dry. However, over time, different parts of your roof are exposed to more stress than others. Cracks begin to appear, which get filled with water. Over time this further erodes the integrity of your roof and leaks begin to appear.

Similarly, the plumbing system in your roof can get blocked or damaged and this means the water has nowhere to go. In cases like this, the water backs up and begins to seep through your roof.

How serious are roof leaks?

Roof leaks may not seem very serious, a small amount of water seeping into your home doesn’t seem like an emergency. However, they are a symptom of a larger issue. If left unchecked, the leaks will grow larger and cause more water damage to your home.

In some cases, you might not realise that your roof is leaking. A slight discolouration, indicative of water seepage into the roof cavity of your home, might be the only clue. These kinds of leaks can be quite serious, because they can cause a large amount of water damage before they are found and repaired.

How can ACE+ help?

ACE+ are the leak repair specialists. Our team of roof plumbers are experts at locating and repairing roofs, fixing the symptom while addressing the root cause.

When you suspect that your roof is leaking, the roof plumbing team can help you verify it. They will perform a health check of your roof, looking for the tell-tale signs of stress and erosion that can cause the issues.

Our team also use drainage cameras, to check your roof plumbing for damage and blockages. When the health check is complete, you will be provided with a complete report and recommendations on how to proceed.

When you decide to proceed, our team will isolate and repair the affected areas. ACE+ only ever sends qualified professionals on every job, so you get peace of mind that your roof is being repaired by licenced tradespeople to the highest standards in Australia. We also only source quality repair materials so that your roof is as good or better than when it was first installed.

Planned Maintenance

A good way to avoid the headaches that leak repairs can cause is with planned maintenance from ACE+. The maintenance team conduct regular health checks on all aspects of your property, allowing you to catch maintenance issues early, before they become expensive repairs.

Don’t wait for your roof to get worse, contact ACE+ today on 08 9272 1488 for an obligation free quote.