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If leaks are regularly appearing in your roof, despite frequent repairs, or if you are beginning to see chips or shards of roofing break off then you need a re-roof. ACE+ can make your re-roof go smoothly, replacing the old with high quality new.

Why should I consider a re-roof?

Roofing materials have changed over the years. What used to be considered acceptable for building standards then, today would be illegal to use. Asbestos is the best example of a material that has, over time, become illegal to use with good reason. Many older roofs contain asbestos and the replacement of this material has become a big part of why people opt for a complete re-roof.

Re-roofing can also be considered when the existing roof has become damaged or has lost its integrity. When a roof loses integrity, it can be a hazard for your home. To keep you and your family safe in that instance, you should consider a re-roof.

Finally, you may wish to consider a re-roof because you want to update the look of your property. A new roof can really change the way you look at your home and can help update the look without having to do too much external work.

How does a re-roof work?

When you need a re-roof, time can be a factor. The ACE+ roofing team will inspect the roof to be replaced, checking for tell-tale signs of wear and loss of integrity. We only send qualified professionals to every job, so when they give you their report you know that it is accurate and that you can trust their recommendations.

If you decide to proceed, ACE+ can source high quality roofing materials that meet or exceed Australian safety standards. Where possible, we aim to provide you with a selection of colours and materials to match your home.

When materials have been chosen, our team get to work. They will safely remove and dispose of the existing roof before installing the new material. Your new roof will then be tested to ensure that it will give you decades of good service.

Planned Maintenance

You can save yourself from maintenance headaches with planned maintenance from ACE+. Our qualified professionals will perform regular health checks on all aspects of your home, providing you with regular reports that you can use to plan your household repair budget with.

Planned maintenance might not be able to save you from a re-roof but it will give you more time to plan for it. Planned maintenance can also help identify and repair the common issues that, if not caught in time, are the cause of re-roofs.

Let the re-roof experts at ACE+ look after your home. Contact us today on 08 9272 1488 for an obligation free quote.