Protect your staff, customers and tenants with properly installed and maintained RCD electrical safety switches.

A residual current device (RCD), also known as a safety switch, offers a high level of protection to human life in the event of an electrical incident. RCD safety switches are designed to immediately terminate an electricity supply when an imbalance in current is detected, typically caused by appliance malfunction, or a person coming into contact with an exposed source of electricity.

By law, RCDs are required in all commercial premises and properties where normal use of electrical equipment involves frequent movement, or exposure to elements that may cause damage or degradation. Common examples of equipment requiring an RCD includes drills, power saws, hair dryers, curling wands, floor polishers, vacuums, and extension cords.

To install or test RCD safety switches in your premises, contact the ACE+ team. Our fully licensed electricians are able to assist with any commercial electrical inspection and maintenance.