Ensure a safer, standards-compliant workplace with all your electrical equipment inspected by ACE+ electricians.

An equipment safety inspection involves a series of basic tests to check the integrity of your electrical appliances. Starting with a visual test, a technician will ensure all covers remain intact and attached, preventing the exposure of hazardous wires and electrical components. Power cords, plugs and sockets are checked for damage and defects that could impede proper function. Finally, appliances are tested for ‘rattles’, which may indicate loose or foreign objects inside the device.

Further electrical testing then determines whether your equipment meets the minimum requirements for insulation resistance and earth resistance, reducing the risk of power surges, short circuiting, or causing electrocution.

Once deemed safe, your equipment is tagged to indicate its safety status, test date, and recommended re-test date, based on its nature and use.

Our team of certified professional electricians can perform equipment safety inspections on all electrical equipment on your premises, in compliance with Australian safety and testing standards (AS/NZS 3760:2010). Contact us today to ask about one-off or regular testing and tagging inspections.