electrical work

It isn’t always obvious why equipment stops working but when it does it can be damaging to your business.

The damage can range from preventing work from occurring to posing a health and safety risk. Proper troubleshooting, testing and repair is best left to professionals who are aware of the dangers and take all proper precautions to mitigate them.

The first step in solving electrical issues is troubleshooting. Proper troubleshooting cuts down on time spent performing unnecessary repairs. The ACE+ team are trained to carefully diagnose issues to ensure that our time is spent fixing the cause and not treating the symptoms. We use industry standard tools to give our technicians access to the most important information that they need when diagnosing the issue.

Once troubleshooting is concluded, repairs can be conducted. ACE+ will only ever send licensed professionals to work with you. They ensure that all repair work adheres to safety standards and safety precautions are taken during the repair process. ACE+ always aims to give you a comprehensive and professional service. Where possible repairs are scheduled to avoid interrupting your business.

ACE+ technicians are trained to always perform testing after repairs. This step ensures that other systems have not been compromised and protects you from further outages. Call us on (08) 9272 1488 and solve your problems with a visit from ACE+ today.