An appropriate maintenance plan will help you catch wear & tear before it becomes a problem, saving you money on replacements and repairs.

Normal property maintenance is often a reactive measure, where a breakage has already occurred, and caused damage, before you get a chance to call a plumber or electrician. The cost of repair adds up when you factor in water damage to walls and floorboards, any loss of structural integrity, and the replacement of short-circuited appliances. And that’s not counting missed income or loss of business due to obstructive repair work.

Don’t get blindsided by preventable issues. Our experienced tradespeople can help you prepare a planned maintenance schedule for regular inspection of your plumbing, gas, electrical, roofing and fit-out facilities. We can schedule routine checks at times convenient to you and your business, and help develop and maintain an asset register to help you manage your appliances over the course of their lifecycle.

The benefits of scheduling planned maintenance with ACE+:

  • You save money on replacements and repairs by preventing problems before they occur.
  • Your facilities get a longer lifecycle through upkeep and damage avoidance.
  • Your assets can be serviced to Australian Standards and monitored to assist their efficient use.
  • You keep your tenants and clients happy with properly functioning and cared-for premises.
  • Your routine inspections can be scheduled at times convenient for you and your business.

Roof Inspections

Your roof is a critical component of your business premises, protecting your tenants, their staff, and the public from environmental hazards and property damage. A regular professional roof inspection allows you to monitor your assets for potential issues, and plan for future maintenance and improvements to your commercial property.

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