Take proactive measures to ensure the safety, security and durability of your premises with a roof inspection by certified ACE+ professionals.

Your roof is a critical component of your business premises, protecting your tenants, their staff, and the public from environmental hazards and property damage. A regular professional roof inspection allows you to monitor your assets for potential issues, and plan for future maintenance and improvements to your commercial property.

Prevent unpleasant surprises

Our experienced technicians will check for visual defects, wear and tear, moisture and material integrity, and recommend the appropriate maintenance actions, noting urgency and required budget.

Minor repairs will be carried out straight away. For example:

  • Removing debris including leaves, footballs, plastic cups, paper plates, plastic bags etc.
  • Resealing dislodged vent pipes
  • Installing a cap to a vent pipe
  • Reinstatement of silicone seals
  • Cleaning and clearing blocked drainage pumps

Full inventory of your assets and upcoming maintenance

To help you evaluate and prioritise your roof maintenance strategies, you will receive a report detailing the condition of your roof, tests and observations conducted, repair recommendations, and a full inventory of your assets.

If you would like to view a sample roof inspection report, please email admin@aceplus.com.au and we will process your request.

Contact us today to arrange a roof inspection schedule, or for a one-off spot check of your property.