Backflow prevention devices installed, serviced, maintained, tested and repaired by licensed, professional plumbers.

Pressure imbalances between the mains supply and the plumbing on your premises can cause water to flow the wrong way through the pipes. This is known as backflow, which may happen in the event of a burst mains pipe or during fire-fighting operations, when there is an unexpectedly high demand on the water system. Water backflow inadvertently allows pollutants to enter our clean water supply, causing contamination harmful to human health.

WA law requires backflow prevention devices in all properties that carry a medium to high risk of contamination, making them essential in commercial properties, where polluted drinking water could reach employees, tenants, and the general public. Backflow devices must be installed by a licensed plumbing contractor, and tested immediately upon installation, following maintenance, and on a regular basis to ensure continued water safety on the premises.

Keep your water safe, and avoid hefty non-compliance penalties. Our team of experienced, professional plumbers are able to install, test, maintain and repair your water supply and backflow prevention system in accordance with state regulations. Contact us today.