Catch the problem early. Contact ACE+ today if you suspect you have a gas or water leak on your property.

A gas or water leak on your premises could easily lead to a myriad of problems, such as escalating utility bills; damage to ceilings, walls, and floors; destruction of product stock and business equipment; and worker injuries due to environmental hazards.

Gas leaks normally come from faulty appliances or gas pipes. Even left for just a short while, a gas leak increases the risk of a fire or explosion in an affected area, and can lead to adverse health reactions or even death in people. Usually, you can detect a gas leak by smell, but depending on the layout of your property, it may not be easy to pinpoint the location of the leak.

The damage caused by water leaks ranges in severity from minor annoyance to long-term expense. A small leak left unchecked can lead to property damage requiring not only plumbing to fix, but brick work, structural work, paint work, plaster work and flooring as well. Catching a water leak early can save you significant time and money.

ACE+ plumbers are experienced in finding gas and water leaks, and can employ non-invasive, non-destructive methods to determine the source. Call us today for a booking if you suspect a leak on your property.