For gas emergencies call our 24-hour team on (08) 9272 1488.

Your building’s gas line heats your water and provides life to gas-powered appliances. The installation or repair of such a vital part of your building should only be undertaken by industry professionals. If you need a new gas line installed for a new building or extension, or want a health check of an existing gas line to ensure the safety of your property and tenants, contact us today.

By choosing ACE+, you get peace of mind that your premises will adhere to all of the safety codes that govern gas plumbing in Australia. Our fully licensed plumbers and gas fitters are highly experienced in commercial gas line repairs and installation.

We recommend undertaking regular maintenance and repairs on your gas lines to ensure your building is kept safe and that you do not experience interruption of hot water or other services. Our gas plumbing team are trained to check and repair any hidden faults or damage to your gas line, preventing costly emergency repair bills.
Minimising your downtime is a focus of our service. Our plumbers will work to a schedule that doesn’t interfere with your business operation.

Take the pressure out of installing or repairing a gas line today, contact ACE+ on (08) 9272 1488.