Get the most convenient and reliable grease trap solution suitable for your establishment.

Grease traps are commonly required for businesses producing significant amounts of food waste, such as restaurants, bars and cafés. A grease trap sits between your wastewater outflow and the main sewerage intake, intercepting oils and fats to prevent blockages in the system when the grease solidifies.

Whether you need an above- or below-ground grease trap will depend on the size and available space at your premises, your kitchen layout, and local council regulations. In fact, the installation of grease traps for handling trade waste is highly regulated, with compliance requirements to ensure minimal environmental and safety impact over the course of use. In addition they need regular maintenance including pumping them empty to keep them functioning correctly.

Contact ACE+ for help with installing a grease trap, or to plan a grease trap maintenance schedule. Our team of experienced, trade-certified plumbers can help you get the most suitable, affordable and standards-compliant solution for your business.