plumbing-mainHigh-pressure Jet Drain Cleaning

If your drains smell bad or water is taking a long time to drain, then you should get a high-pressure jet drain cleaning.

How do my drains get blocked?

In day-to-day life, we tend to overlook how much waste makes its way down our drains. Food, hair and even cooking fat routinely wash down the drain and we seldom think twice. Over time however, these items can accumulate in our drains and cause blockages. Usually, a piece of debris will get stuck and other waste will stick to it and gradually the blockage builds. Sometimes, these blockages will naturally clear. When they do not, you get a blocked or clogged drain.

Blocked versus clogged

In some cases, you might notice that water takes a little longer to drain away. This is typical of a clogged drain. When a drain is clogged, it means that water and other matter can still drain away but a partial blockage is reducing the amount of space and so it is taking longer than it usually would.

A blocked drain, on the other hand, is a complete stoppage of flow. Nothing can get past, or the space is far too small and draining would take far longer and be almost unnoticeable.

In both cases, you may notice a bad smell coming from the drains. This is because water and other matter is now ‘sitting’ in the drains rather than draining away.


If you suspect that your drains are blocked, clogged or heading in that direction then contact ACE+ today. Our team of licensed plumbers can conduct a high-pressure jet drain cleaning that will solve your problem quickly.

The high-pressure jet pushes a volume of water down the drain that breaks down blockages with force while doing no damage to your pipes and drains. Our plumbers can then test your drains to ensure that the blockage has been cleaned out and that they are functioning properly.


Did you know that many problems caused by drain blockages are the result of irregular maintenance? As mentioned, your drains will block and clog over time because of their daily use. Regular maintenance by qualified professionals helps to ensure that you don’t get a nasty surprise from your drains.

ACE+ offers a planned maintenance service that gives you regular health checks and cleans of your drains. We only ever send qualified and trained professionals to your property, who have the knowledge and expertise to identify and solve maintenance issues before they can become costly repairs. A high-pressure jet drain clean would be part of a regular maintenance agreement with ACE+.

Don’t let a blocked drain get worse. Contact ACE+ today on (08) 9272 1488 and our professional team can conduct a high-pressure jet clean.