Hot Water System Emergencies

The worst way to start your day is with a cold shower because your Hot Water System has broken down. On days like that, ACE+ is available to quickly solve your Hot Water System emergencies.

Pilot Light

If your Hot Water System runs off gas, we advise first checking that your pilot light has not blown out. It is rare, but it does occur and it is a problem you can solve yourself very quickly. Your Hot Water System should have instructions for re-igniting the pilot light. Beyond this, ACE+ does not condone any DIY repair of Hot Water Systems. There is a real risk of injury and you should always call a licensed plumber.

Emergency Repairs

When your Hot Water System needs emergency repairs, we have a team of licensed plumbers available. ACE+ will only ever send qualified and licensed tradespeople, so you can rely on us to fix your emergency safely and professionally. In an emergency, your time is important and so we endeavour to attend your property as quickly as possible.

If our team can fix the problem then and there, then they do. If the problem is complex and requires more time, they will do their best to come up with a solution so that you can still access hot water.

Hot Water Systems are, by design, safe. However, if they become damaged they can also become unsafe. Our team of professional tradesmen will always work to meet the safety standards because your safety is our highest priority.

Regular Maintenance

Did you know that most Hot Water System emergencies occur because regular maintenance is not conducted? Hot Water Systems are often located outdoors, exposed to weather conditions, and suffer wear and tear as a result.

If a Hot Water System is not given regular maintenance, small issues can develop. These issues, over time, grow into larger problems that can cause a complete shutdown of the Hot Water System and often involve costly repairs. In some cases, the Hot Water System needs to be completely replaced.

By organising regular maintenance, these issues can be entirely avoided. Planned maintenance with ACE+ involves a regular health check of your Hot Water System by one of our qualified plumbers. Our team use diagnostic tools to give your Hot Water System a complete check, identifying and solving any small problems before they can become costly repairs. Customers that utilise our planned maintenance program are far less likely to suffer Hot Water System emergencies.

We have an emergency team on standby to solve your Hot Water System emergency. Contact us today on (08) 9272 1488 and don’t settle for a cold shower.