Aged Care

Australia’s aging population continues to grow, which means now more than ever before, aged care organisations are facing increased pressure to do more, with less.

As a local plumbing and property maintenance provider, ACE+ has worked with a number of health care facilities in Perth and across Western Australia to implement robust, long-term, preventative solutions. These have ensured that organisations can continue to uphold their high health and safety standards for their residents, staff and visitors, without incurring unreasonable costs.

These are some ways that ACE+ is assisting health care providers.

Legionella Risk

Aged care homes are vulnerable to Legionella because their hot water systems are fitted with warm water regulators to prevent scalding, which also prevents the water from reaching a temperature that would kill Legionella.

Hot water system health check

ACE+ can conduct water testings to ensure your hot water system is safe. Two samples of water can be tested for Legionella markers and if the testing is positive, ACE+ can pasteurise your hot water system and kill the bacteria.

Ongoing monitoring

To keep your residents safe, regular hot water system checks should be conducted at least once per year  or more if you have had previously reported levels of legionella in your system. In the event of a legionella reading a pasteurisation of your system can be used to kill the bacteria.

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    Scalding risk

    Aged care standards dictate that hot water temperature  should not exceed 45°C at the point of delivery. The context for this is clear. At 60°C scalding occurs after 1 second, at 55°C it occurs within 10 seconds at a 50°C within 5 minutes. Many aged care homes circulate hot water in excess of 60°C then manage this risk by using thermostatic mixing valves located in bathrooms to reduce the temperature down to the required level. In the event of a failure of any of these valves the residents are immediately at real risk of scalding.

    How do you prevent it

    If no Thermostatic Mixing Valves are installed on your hot water system they should be installed immediately. Once installed the valves should be maintained annually.  Additionally, you can conduct your own regular checks on water temperature using a simple thermometer to ensure that the failure of a valve is quickly identified.

    Assisted Living Installation & Modifications

    Maintaining the independence of the elderly is an important part of preserving their dignity. Assisted Living installations can give your residents the tools they need to keep safe while maintaining their privacy and independence.

    Our licensed and qualified professionals can install grab rails, shower handles, ramps, mobility aids and emergency alarms for your residents to use. We will work with you to determine the best balance of safety and independence, so that your residents will have the best of both worlds.

    Property Maintenance & Repairs

    Quality property maintenance is crucial for protecting the safety of residents, staff and visitors within aged care facilities. Instead of attempting to manage a long list of tradies, ACE+ can take care of all property maintenance requirements including:

    • minor repairs such as replacing tap washers and installing LED lights
    • major repairs such as carpentry, painting and roof repairs

    Planned maintenance program

    We can implement a planned maintenance program that allows us to routinely check all aspects of your building, ensuring they are in good working order to prevent costly emergency repair bills.

    Blocked Drains

    The drainage system of your facility will always be vulnerable to blockages and clogs through everyday use. At ACE+, our plumbing professionals are equipped with the latest technology so we can diagnose and repair any drainage issues at your facility.

    Electrical Safety – Thermal Imaging

    The electrical grid is like the nervous system of your facility. It must be properly maintained or problems can arise that place your residents in danger.

    We offer thermal imaging checks as part of our planned maintenance and electrical safety service. When you are signed up for planned maintenance, our qualified and professional staff will conduct regular checks of your electrical systems using thermal imaging cameras.

    These cameras give our staff a unique perspective of your electrical grid by showing where hotspots, which indicate electrical issues, are. This has helped to diagnose and repair issues long before they could become costly problems.

    Our Clients

    ACE+ takes pride in partnering with Aged Care Facilities and helping them to keep their residents safe.

    To find out more about how we can help you, contact us on (08) 9272 1488. We offer no-obligation quotes and are happy to perform free property and hot water system appraisals.

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