roof maintenance

Keeping track of contractors and tradespeople involved in the maintenance of your building can be complex and time consuming.

  • Who is responsible for the planned maintenance of aspects of your building?
  • Who do you call if damage has been noticed?
  • Will the contractors arrive on time?

Choosing ACE+ means avoiding these problems. If you have a problem, we’re the solution. You’ll have a single point of contact with us who knows your building and who to send when you need it. The all building trades service at ACE+ means that whatever your problem may be we have a trained and qualified professional standing by to fix it. How it works:

1. You contact ACE+

We send our team to conduct a health audit of your building. During this process, we make a list of the different areas that may require regular maintenance or repair. This will also help us if you need emergency repairs to be conducted at any time in the future.

2. Our team prepare their report

This report shows you how we can help. It will list the areas of your building we can provide qualified tradespeople to work on. It is also your chance to ask for extra work that you might want completed. When you are happy with the report, we can proceed to the next step.

3. Our team conducts regular health checks on your building

A highly trained maintenance team will perform regular checks on your building. This ensures we are able to fix any issues before they can develop into expensive repairs. The team will always check that their visit is convenient for you and that you are happy for any repair work to go ahead. Repair work is organised by our team who ensure the work is properly briefed in to minimise any interruptions that might otherwise occur.

How does the all building trade service benefit me?

It means that, whatever the issue with your building, we have a qualified tradesperson standing by to make the necessary repairs. You spend less time organising repairs and maintenance for your building. We only ever send first-class tradespeople who are properly accredited by their industry. Furthermore, all of our tradespeople work as a team. If a separate issue is noted during a repair it will always be reported and the right people sent out to conduct preventative repairs.

All work conducted by the ACE+ team, for all building trades, will meet all safety standards set by the industry and State. Our team recognise how important it is to minimise any interruptions to normal business in your building and, wherever possible, work will be scheduled to do so.

Take the headache out of your building maintenance today by calling ACE+ on (08) 9272 1488.