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The construction or repair of cabinets requires an understanding of how they will be used, what is appropriate for the building and what the budget is for the project.

  • Materials that match any installed cabinets must be identified
  • Designs must be drawn up to ensure new cabinets will be suitable for use
  • A project plan is created so that any installation or repair doesn’t interrupt business

Choosing ACE+ for your cabinet works gives you access to the industry leaders in installing and repairing cabinets. We work with you to build the cabinet fitout that meets your needs and doesn’t exceed your budget.

The process

When you need cabinet works for your building you need to know what to expect and that the process won’t interfere with your business. Every cabinet works job will be different but we hope the following can help give you an idea of what happens.

1. Initial planning

Our cabinet works team will visit you to get an idea of your requirements and budget. Whether you’re looking for a new installation or need maintenance conducted on an existing interior our team can advise on the next steps that need to be taken.

2. Materials and design

Your requirements will be taken into consideration when drawing up designs and choosing materials for the cabinet works to be conducted. You will always be consulted before our team take any steps towards construction.

3. Construction and installation

Once you have given any designs your approval, construction and installation will proceed. ACE+ is a multi-service company and so we know the impact that any kind of interruption can have on business. Our team always takes every step possible to minimise disruption to you.

Why should I use ACE+?

Choosing which contractor to use for your cabinet works can be very difficult. If you go with someone unreliable, it can result in a project that goes over budget and cabinet works that may need to be redone. ACE+ has a proven track record of delivering on budget and to requirement. We don’t consider a job complete until you are satisfied.

ACE+ employs qualified joiners and cabinet makers who can source quality materials to build cabinets that meet State and industry standards and, most importantly, match your requirements. We only ever send qualified professionals who are licensed and aware of all of the relevant safety and quality standards for all cabinet works. All materials used will be sourced at the best possible price and the highest quality for your cabinet works.

We take business disruption very seriously and our team will take every step possible to minimise interruptions to you.

Quality cabinet works for your building starts with calling ACE+ today on (08) 9272 1488.