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A professional paint service is as important as any other aspect of your building. It works with the decor of your building in a subtle way to reinforce the message that you want to send to your clients. To make sure your paint job gets the message across, choose ACE+.

Why do I need a commercial painting service?

The question is sometimes asked, why not paint the building yourself and save money? The people that attempt this usually realise very quickly how time consuming a job it can be and how much time professionals, with the right equipment, can save them.

You also benefit from an end-to-end service. Our professional team consult with you on the project, source high quality paint to your colour specifications and provide you with a clear project plan that outlines the start and end date for any painting work. We understand how disruptive this kind of work can be to normal business operations and, wherever possible, schedule with an aim to minimise disruption.

Preparing to paint

When painting work has been booked, the commercial painting team at ACE+ will do a site visit to ensure that everything has been mapped out correctly and to prepare the site. If the painting will be conducted indoors, the team may advise on the removal or moving of furniture. This will help keep the furniture safe from any paint seepage. The ACE+ commercial painting team have experience with furniture or cabinets that are installed into the wall.

If painting work is to be conducted on the exterior of your building, the ACE+ team will ensure all of the necessary safety equipment is installed and precautions are taken.

Painting smarter

The ACE+ commercial painting team takes advantage of advances in painting technology to give you a fast and efficient service. Using colour match techniques, we can mix paint to mimic your corporate branding identically. The paint sourced by ACE+ is designed to be wear and tear resistant, it won’t fade or lose colour until you decide it’s time to change.

Our industrial painting equipment allows us to paint with a high level of precision and speed. The ACE+ deliver a high quality painting service that doesn’t sacrifice speed. The faster our team complete the job, to your satisfaction, the less disruption to the normal operation of your business.

When it comes to exterior painting, ACE+ have access to paint that is highly sun and weather resistant. Our team will always plan work to minimise the impact of adverse weather. ACE+ will only ever send fully accredited tradespeople who have experience working on the exteriors of buildings and are aware of all the safety precautions they must take.

Give your building a quality paint service that will last until you decide it’s time to change. Call the commercial painting team at ACE+ today on (08) 9272 1488 for an obligation free quote in the Perth metro.