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Partitioning allows you to make the most effective use of your building. By partitioning off sections, you can create new workspaces, meeting rooms and dedicated storage areas. ACE+ has worked with small and large businesses to get the best results for partitioning.

What is partitioning?

Partitioning involves segmenting existing space with interior walls to create new areas. These new areas might be new workspaces for employees, new meeting areas or even dedicated storage areas to declutter existing workspaces. Partitions can even be portable, allowing a space to be made larger or smaller depending on your business needs.

How does partitioning work?

Partitioning is straightforward but getting it right does require expert assistance. ACE+ will work with you to ensure that your workspace is partitioned exactly as you need.

We can source high quality materials to construct the interior walls required for partitioning. We work with you to get an understanding of your requirements so that we can construct the partitions you need to maximise the usable space of your building. Our team can make recommendations on what material will be best, which will be informed by what you intend to use the space for.

How do I get started with partitioning?

The first step is deciding how much space you need and what it will be designated for. Our team will be able to advise you on how much space is recommended and will take requirements such as a cabling for workspace into consideration. Designating the spaces also helps to inform the type of partitioning materials required. For example, if you need a meeting space that won’t be disturbed by outside noise, soundproofing will factor into planning.

Once you have given our team your requirements, then we can put together a project plan that has minimum interruption to your business. When you have approved our project plan, we start on the design and construction of your new partitions.

With the partitions designed, our qualified and professional team can start the installation. By choosing ACE+ you get peace of mind that the partitioning of your building will be completed by professionals who know the relevant safety standards and ensure that any work done for you meets them.

Once the partitions are in place, our team will ensure that they meet your specifications. Doors and other fixtures can then be added to your partitions so that you are getting the most out of your new workspace.

Partitioning is a great way to maximise the space in your building. Get started by contacting ACE+ on (08) 9272 1488 and get an obligation free quote today.