roof maintenance

Plaster can give a building a professional finish. It is a seamless surface that resists mould and fire and dampens noise. Plaster is prone to wear and tear over time and if repair is put off the damage can get worse. ACE+ has a long track record of plastering repair. We have the expertise to help you.

How does plastering get damaged?

As with any building product, wear and tear will take their toll on plastering over time. As plastering ages, cracks can appear. These cracks can get worse and start to damage the integrity of the plaster.

If plaster is exposed to damp regularly, it can begin to bubble and flake. This can also damage the integrity of the plaster and is why it is important to get plastering checked regularly.

Cracking and bubbling isn’t always apparent which can delay repair. Regular maintenance checks can help protect your plaster surfaces. Consider planned maintenance with ACE+ to keep your building in good working order.

How can plastering be repaired?

ACE+ maintains a skilled team of professionals who are well versed in plastering repair and maintenance. Our team will make an appointment with you to check your plastering. They will check all of the plastering in your building, identifying areas in need of urgent repair or maintenance, and provide you with a complete report. Any repair work will be scheduled in then, with care being taken to minimise any interruption to your business.

Our plastering repair team will first clean the surfaces in need of repair. This is an important first step as it prevents dust and other accumulations from interfering with the repair. Once the surface is properly cleaned, the team can perform patch and repair work.

Do I have to have plastering repaired?

Wherever possible, we recommend repairing plastering over replacing it. If a surface has become too damaged to repair, then replacement is the only option. Replacing your plastering can still be quick and easy but will take longer than a repair job. This is why we recommend planned maintenance, to help avoid costly replacement work.

Our plastering repair team can provide you with an assessment on whether or not your plastering needs to be repaired. It is important to note that leaving this kind of damage will almost always lead to it getting worse.

As quality plastering repair providers, we aim to give you a great service. We are happy to perform a plastering health check to ensure that other sections of your plastering are in good working order.

Don’t let problems with your plastering get worse. Call ACE+ today on (08) 9272 1488 for a quality plastering repair service.