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With variable weather in Winter and moving into Spring, it can be a very good idea to have maintenance performed on your building. A health check with planned maintenance can save expensive repair bills and angry phone calls from tenants. We’ve listed a few areas you will want to have checked below.

Hot Water System service

Avoid panicked phone calls from your tenants by booking a Hot Water System (HWS) service today. ACE+ technicians can perform a health check on your HWS, identify any issues that cause problems later, and fix them on the spot. Not only will this help you avoid angry phone calls, it will save you an expensive repair bill.


During the summer months and winter storms, debris accumulates in the guttering of your building. When the rain starts, the debris causes blockages and prevents water from draining properly and often leading to overflow and damage. Some blockages can stretch or pierce guttering. ACE+ technicians can use snake cams to check your gutters for blockages, clear them and install gutter mesh to prevent further accumulation. They can also repair guttering, keeping your building, and contents, safe from water damage.


The roof of your building can be the source of a lot of problems. We tend to forget about the roof and assume it won’t need repairs. The truth is that holes can and do develop. Whatever the cause, when a hole develops it can only get worse from there. Water can and will get into the space and gradually increase the damage. Before too long, the roof will have a larger hole which can lead to serious water damage. A health check of your roof before winter can help locate and fix these issues before you need to organise a complete re-roof.

Planned Maintenance

The best way to be winter ready is with planned maintenance from ACE+. We will develop a maintenance schedule for your building or facility, covering the important parts. Regular, planned maintenance will ensure that your building is protected against the elements. ACE+ only send licensed professionals, who can diagnose and repair issues quickly so that your building can stay operational no matter what the weather throws.

Stay safe with planned maintenance from ACE+. We are also available 24/7 to provide emergency repairs. Call us today on (08) 9272 1488 to chat about how you can benefit from Planned Maintenance.