1. Roof Plumbing, Guttering & Repairs

After a wild winter, roofs and gutters are often in need of repair, but one thing often neglected is ensuring gutters are free of debris to help prevent summer fires from spreading to your building. Ember attacks are the main source of fires in summer and with the fire season fast approaching, this is something which should not be ignored.

2. Outdoor Lighting

As many businesses are closed over the holiday period, this can be a particularly prevalent time for would-be burglars. Ensure your building has the most up to date outdoor lighting to improve visibility of the external entry points – motion sensor lighting is particularly effective for this purpose. Making sure this is properly planned and implemented safely to suit your unique location is where we come in.

3. Thermography Inspection

With Summer comes heat and with heat comes the exacerbation of existing problems. When electrical faults occur within the circuits in your building, certain areas can overheat and cause power outages and even explosions if not identified and fixed quickly. Faults which were present during colder months can become serious very quickly with the increase in temperature. Infrared sensor thermo-imaging is a good technique to spot and fix these faults to ensure they don’t cause you problems over the holiday period, saving you hassle and money.

4. Gas Line Maintenance & Repairs

Gas can be a heavily used resource over cold winters and while not something that would usually cross your mind at the time of year, it is actually the best time to inspect and repair your gas line system. Leaving any potential issues till winter (or a time of heavy use) can be a recipe for disaster and often cost more as an emergency fix than it would have been to maintain.

5. 24/7 Emergency & Insurance Repairs

You can never fully plan for all potential disasters, especially during the busy festive season. Whether the office clown punched a gyprock wall at your office Christmas party or the curry night caused a blocked plumbing system, we are available 24/7 for emergency repairs to help you get back on your feet.

We are also an approved insurance repair agency and we pride ourselves on ensuring your repairs are performed to the highest best practice standard, with all the necessary documentation to comply with your insurance claim.